Day 58: New Year's Day: Bandiagara

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Sat 1 Jan 2011 14:43
Day 58: Saturday 1 January 2011. New Year's day. Hotel/Camping Tagoma, Bandiagara, Mali. N14 21.480 W003 58.556  Distance driven 74 km
After a gregarious breakfast with the other 14 travellers, we made big inroads into our 2011 allocation of 14,000 km  -74 km only!  Breakfast was included in the camping fee so we made the most of it - pancakes with peanut butter and honey, fresh fruit and muesli, French toast and various home-made confitures.  It seems that Mac hadn't paid his 2011 fee for Internet so we were disappointed at not being able to update before we left.
We called in town (Sevare) for money but found that all the ATM's were not working.  Perhaps the software can't accommodate the 2011 new year? Or maybe the phone system is "down"?  Still, our trekking cost for the next 3 days is pre-paid, we have food in the fridge and a full tank of diesel, so we shouldn't need much cash. We do have the reserve for unexpected police demands!
We have found a small hotel/campsite on the outskirts of Bandiagara where we have set up camp under some very large acacia trees to wait for Matt from the Sleeping Camel tomorrow. We are off on a 3 day trek of Dogon country so THERE WILL BE NO BLOG TRANSMISSIONS UNTIL TUESDAY NIGHT (4 JAN) AT THE EARLIEST.  Then we shall be departing 400 km for Timboctu!