Day 127: Ready for Angola

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Fri 11 Mar 2011 18:51
Day 127: Friday 11 March 2011.  DRC border post at Songololo.  S05 49.911 E014 04.499  Distance driven 222 km. Total distance 19,520
After a night of air-conditioning, in which I was too cold, we had a leisurely start and a hotel breakfast then took off for Matadi.  Initially the road was pretty poor but it gradually got better.  Just outside Matadi we came over the hill and looked down on the mighty Congo River and the Yugoslav constructed suspension bridge across to the town.  We filled up with diesel at 80p a litre and rolled on towards Songololo on a good tar surface.
In Songololo there is a right turn to the border about 20 km down a dreadful track.  We arrived at about 1530 and completed the DRC exit formalities very easily before returning to Customs and camping opposite their building.  This means we shall be all ready to hit the Angolan border when they open at 0800 tomorrow.
I am again suffering from prickly heat rash but Jenny has a far more serious problem.  About a week ago she got what we thought were mosquito bites in a very sensitive and intimate area and she has  been driven mad with the pain and itching.  We discovered today that they were not mosquito bites but you'll have to read her account on her blog to get the details if she wishes to reveal them!-