Cameroon summary

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Wed 2 Mar 2011 16:51
Cameroon summary
Days spent in Cameroon                  13
Nights in a room/house                     2  
Nights camping                                 11
Distance driven                            1413 km
Average cost of diesel                      72 pence/litre
Cameroon was wonderful, beautiful dense rain forest, spectacular scenery, friendly people and, new in Africa, a population with a sense of pride in their property and surroundings.  it was a delight to see well-kept houses, neat gardens with floral hedges, smooth cut lawns and no litter.  The contrast with Nigeria, and even Ghana, was enormous and very gratifying.
A large proportion of the population is bi-lingual English/French which eased our way and made communication with the locals so much easier.  We did make the mistake of not allowing more time in Cameroon and not visiting the far north, but it is a very long way.  maybe the basis for a future trip and a way of going into Niger and Chad?
We didn't climb Mount Cameroon but the cool air in Bouea was a very welcome relief from the exhausting humidity of the lowlands.  Until we entered Gabon, this was our favourite "African" African country, as opposed to "Arab" African country, which was Mali.