Day 142: Another lazy day

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Sun 27 Mar 2011 17:33
Day 142: Saturday 26 March 2010. Canyon Roadhouse, near Hobas, Namibia. S27 31.382 E017 48.932  Distance driven 0 km
When I picked up Jenny from Johannesburg last Sunday she had a dry hacking cough which has steadily got worse and now I have it too.  We are both fighting a chest infection and feeling a complete lack of energy, so it was good to have another day doing nothing and sleeping in the  shade around the pool.
We had an SMS today from friends Andrew and Claudia who had come into Namibia from Angola about a week after us.  They commented that they felt their trip was over as all the excitement had gone and it was "too civilised" in Namibia.  In a sense they are right but if clean, well appointed campsites with clean toilets, hot showers and plumbing that always works and isn't broken is "civilised" then I am ready for it!  These Namibian camp sites are a delight after all the filthy, stinking, broken toilets we have encountered across Africa.
It was a very hot day so we waited until late afternoon and went out in Garth's car to see if we could see some game.  We saw a few gemsbok, springbok, Hartmann's zebra, ostrich and a greater kestrel.