Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Sat 2 Apr 2011 19:11
Our "trip of a lifetime" is now over and we have had a wonderful time. Our thanks are due to a host of friends, neighbours, acquaintances, businesses and even to email acquaintances made during the trip whom we have never met, but who have so enthusiastically joined with us in our day to day adventures.
Our sincere thanks are especially due to the following:
1. To my late Aunt Va (Lavinia) whose legacy enabled us to buy and equip the Land Rover and to make the trip.
2. To Nene Overland, and especially to Kevin Mackman, for supply and preparation of the Land Rover and for Kevin's ready, cheerful and helpful advice throughout the trip. The Land Rover performed almost faultlessly and proved to be the perfect vehicle for the trip.
3.  Our two families for their continued support and messages of encouragement all along the way.
4. My two sons, Richard and Dan, for their very generous gift of the Iridium satellite phone which enabled us to send daily reports wherever we were.
5. Our UK neighbours, Peter and Joyce, who have looked after our UK home base while we have been away and without whose help we would not be able to lead such an adventurous life.
6.  Our UK neighbour, Julie, who so diligently looks after our mail and home affairs while we are travelling.
7. Our very good friends, Rudy and Stephanie for their present of the wonderfully executed "Cook's Condiment Box" which has been a central feature of our daily life and for running around at the last moment before departure to ensure that we were properly equipped to South African standards for "braaing".
8. Jenny's son Garth for coining the slogan "The Soutpiel Safari" which provided endless mirth and enjoyment with South Africans whom we encountered through West Africa and was always a talking point around the camp fire.
9. To Bobby Dempsey (whom we unfortunately didn't meet) for providing such helpful advice on Angola and providing emergency funds there!
10. To the charming and helpful Malian gentleman (regrettably, whose name and details I have lost) who so kindly assisted in resolving a rather nasty dispute, in our favour, at the Tombouctou ferry on 7 January. Thank you, Sir! 
11. To those who went ahead of us and whose blogs and emails provided such invaluable information in researching, planning and executing our trip, especially:     Neil and Catherine Harrower (Great Trip South); Stu and Sue Adams (UK2SA); Nick and Vicky Bradshaw (Langebaan Sunset)
12. To the hundreds of people who visited our blog sites so regularly and so enthusiastically followed our daily progress. Jenny's "Get Jealous" blog site recorded the remarkable total of 56,000 hits!