Day 71: Accra

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Sat 15 Jan 2011 14:34
Day 71: Friday 14 January 2010. Private house, Accra, Ghana.  N05 34.071 W000 11.263. Distance driven 209 km.
It was wonderful waking up at Mountain Paradise, so peaceful, so tranquil and a wonderful view in the mountains.  We should have stayed instead of driving to Accra!
Last night we got talking with the father of the Owner of Mountain paradise, Dr Evans Fiakpui, a Ghanian medical doctor who had spent most of his working life practicing medicine in the USA.  Dr Fiakpui has retired to Ghana and is involved in work to stimulate rural economies. His first venture is a honey production facility, Honeybee Industries, and he invited us to join him in a visit to the site, together with last evening's TV crew.
It was a most interesting visit, for which we were kitted up in full protective clothing for inspecting the hives.  We were led through the process by "Mr Honeybee" himself, an incredibly knowledgeable Ghanian who had created an obviously fully motivated work force of local villagers.  They presently have 250 hives and are producing some beautiful organic honey which is being sold to supermarkets in Accra.
After this visit we set off for Accra and a forecast 2 hour drive turned into 5 hours.  We hit the Friday evening rush hour, got lost, took the "long way", and arrived at Jenny's cousin's house in central Accra at 1930, very hot, dusty, sweaty and exhausted. Within minutes we were under a long hot shower with a cold beer!