Day 30: Maintenance day in Zagora

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Sat 4 Dec 2010 21:01
Day 30: Saturday 4 December 2010.  Camping Les Jardins, Zagora, Morocco. N30 19.755 W005 49.950  Distance driven 0 km.
Jenny did the laundry and I did some routine maintenance on Lavinia while Jenny continued editing work sitting in the winter sun under the palm trees. It really is very tranquil and relaxing here in Les jardins, with only 4 other couples staying here and no touts or scroungers coming in from the outside world!
I cleaned up the car as best I could, checked all fluid levels and emptied out the air cleaner.  I am concerned about loss of power steering ATF and there is a fair bit of oil around the steering box.  Must keep and eye on this.  It is rather curious as I think the steering box was replaced when the conversion was done from LHD to RHD, so it should be new. I bought some ATF of dubious quality which I don't really want to use except in an emergency so we'll look for Dextron 11 or111 tomorrow.
I prowled around the souk in late morning and we both went out for a stroll later and had omlettes for dinner.
Earlier, in the souk, I bought vegetables and from the veg vendor i scrounged a polypropylene crate which looked like it had contained live chickens by the deposits on it!  After cleaning it up I have lashed it on the roof rack to contain the firewood we have been carrying since our days in the cedar forest. it is a lot neater than carrying the wood loose up there.