The Kelly Kettle

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Tue 30 Nov 2010 07:21
One great revelation of the last few days has been the Kelly Kettle.  We bought ours from Nene Overland two years ago when we went to Bosnia, but stupidly never used it.  I commissioned it at home just before we left, with the help of my trainee pyromaniac grandson, Jake. Last week we got it going again and, as long as we have a supply of dry twigs, we'll be using it everyday from now on - it is a wonderful invention.
It consists of an aluminium upper part in the form of an annulus with a water containing jacket around a hollow central core.  The water jacket has a spout and will hold about 1.5 litres.  You fill it through the spout.  The lower part, also in aluminium, consists of a bowl about 60 mm deep in which you start a small fire from paper, dry leaves and twigs.  There is an opening in the side of the bowl which should be orientated into the wind. You then place the upper part on the lower, which acts as a chimney with the combustion gases coming out of the top opening and the combustion air entering the opening in the side of the bowl.  You feed the fire with more sticks and twigs through the top opening and chimney effect causes it to roar away, boiling the water in only a few minutes.
[Note above. The Microsoft dictionary does not recognise the  correct spelling of the element aluminium]