Day 100: Excitement

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Sat 12 Feb 2011 19:29
Day 100: Saturday 12 February 2011 Afie Drill Ranch, near Ikom, Nigeria. N06 17.955  E008 59.884 Distance driven 45 km
Last night over dinner we met Peter, a local Forest Ranger, attached to the Drill Ranch.  Brian Montalbo, a friend from the Oasis truck, wanted to go on  a mountain hike while the truck went to Callabar and back.  Peter agreed to guide Brian on a 2 day hike and I agreed to take them to the start point, Peter's home village of Boje, not realising how far it was and how bad the road was.  It turned out to be a major undertaking, a 45 km round trip on a road that stretched the Land Rover near its limit.
The adventure escalated when we heard chainsaws working in the forest and Peter felt he had to investigate the illegal logging. Unfortunately, it soon turned into a very ugly confrontation and one of the loggers threatened to kill Brian with his machetee unless he handed over his camera on which he had recorded shots of the illegal logging.  Fortunately, an off-duty policeman came by and intervened, Brian's camera was returned and we went on our way.  However, it was a very ugly incident and could easily have turned very nasty.  By the time we had got out of that mess and I had delivered Peter and Brian to Boje, it was 3.00 pm before I got back.
Jenny and I then went on the "Canopy Walkway" - a Canadian constructed walkway rising to 25 metres above the forest floor.  Personally, I was not in the mood for it and was delighted when we got to a clear, deep mountain pool for a very welcome swim!