Day 84: Visa mission accomplished

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Thu 27 Jan 2011 17:08
Day 84: Thursday 27 January 2011.  Chez Alice, Lome Togo.  N06 10.087 E001 20.437   Distance driven 0 km
The Oasis truck pulled out of here this morning and it all seems very quiet and empty.  We went off to town, found the DRC Embassy and lodged our visa applications. We collected them later in the afternoon, all very painless except for the CFA 40,000 cost! (£54 each).
Whilst we were in town we hunted down a shop selling solar PV panels and bought a 40 watt panel to use to charge the fridge.  It is not as powerful as we would have liked but is about as big as we can safely stow on the roof with all the other junk we have up there. Next time we camp we'll try it out.
Last night the Chez Alice people out on a song and dance show with a strong voodoo theme.  Unfortunately, I was feeling wiped out and soon fell asleep but from what I did see of it it was an excellent show.  See Jenny's blog for details!
We'll definite;y leave tomorrow and head for Benin.