Send Off

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Thu 4 Nov 2010 06:46
We are getting close now!  We had a lunch time party last Sunday with about 25 friends and neighbours.  Jenny put on a splendid spread of cold snacks with hot quiches, sausage rolls etc and we provided South African wines which seemed to be appreciated by all.  We had the Landy on display with the tent erected and had maps of Africa with our route displayed.  Comments varied between "you're crazy" through "rather you than me" to "I'm very envious"!  My GP had already told me that she thought I was crazy and insisted on shaking my hand as she doubted she would ever se me again!
Sailing friends Rudy (South African) and Stephanie came over and presented us with a beautifully equipped cook's chest of ready-use condiments, very thoughtfully prepared and all contained in an ingeniously adapted Vergegelen wine case!
On Tuesday night our lovely neighbours, Peter and Joyce, took us out to a slap-up Chinese dinner and last night our good friend across the road, Jill,  took us to the new Italian restaurant, Valentino's for another lovely meal. We have been flooded with Bon Voyage cards from kind friends and neighbours and the reality of our departure is finally dawning on us.  Even the ferry company has sent a notice confirming our crossing to Spain on Sunday - it is too late to change that now, so we have to go on schedule!