Burkina Faso summary

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Tue 18 Jan 2011 14:43
Burkina Faso summary
Days spent in Burkina Faso           4
Nights in a room                             2
Nights camping                              1
Distance driven                            470 km
Average cost of diesel                    82 pence/litre
We sped through Burkina Faso so quickly that we hardly gave it a chance!  As we approached from Bandagara we went straight to Ouagadougou and not through Bobo Diasolo, which is apparently the more attractive area of the country.  As we had spent more time than planned in Mali we decided to push on into Ghana as soon as we had obtained the Ghana visas, so we probably missed the best part.
As it was, we thoroughly enjoyed Ouagadougou.  It is a sleepy, laid back sort of place, very friendly and not at all the busy thrusting place that Bamako is. It would be nice to return one day, the people are so friendly and there is a nice French former-colonial atmosphere.