Day 122: Expat Sunday life

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Sun 6 Mar 2011 18:58
Day 122: Sunday 6 March 2011. Yacht Club, Pointe Noire, Congo. S04 47.386 E011 50.877. Distance driven 0 km.
For a change we had a "lie-in" being Sunday, to 0730 instead of the usual 0630.  We just worked out that over the last 3 days we have driven 750 km in 27 hours of driving, that's an average of only 28 km/hour! That shows the state of the roads.
So today we decided we would do very little.  Jenny did the washing, I cleaned out the inside of the car and we just sat in the shade and watched the French expat community play at their Yacht Club.  It was fascinating to watch a few fat Frenchmen posuers instruct a group of blacks to prepare their Hobie Cats, rig them and take them to the water's edge, whereupon they would emerge from the bar with an elegant black  girlfriend, step aboard and gently sail off. Reverse procedure when sailing had finished! Jenny is getting quite excited about a black deckhand aboard Al Shaheen!
Once the Oasis truck had gone we parked the Land Rover under the shade of a palm tree and relaxed.  It was frankly too hot to do anything other than just sit. Once the sun had gone down and the crowds of local boys had gone I went for a long swim which was delightful.