Fuel statistics

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Wed 24 Nov 2010 16:14
This is a preliminary report that I'll update periodically, but we have had a double benefit since leaving the UK; fuel costs per litre have halved and, due to slower driving, fuel consumption has improved considerably.
In the UK were were paying 117.9p/litre; in Spain about 100p/litre and here in Morocco it is only 57.5p/litre.  For US readers the equivalents are:
UK  $7.13/ US gallon; Spain $6.05 and Morocco $3.48.  See, you Yanks have it almost as good at home as in Morocco!
Initially, on the UK motorways and the fast roads in Spain we were only doing about 8.1 km per litre (23.0 miles/UK gallon). Over the last 750 km wandering along slow roads in Morocco we attained 10.4 km/litre (29.4 mpg), so fuel costs per 100 km have fallen from £14.70 to £5.50, quite a staggering reduction! We may even be able to complete the trip without going broke!