Day 102: Through the rain forests

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Tue 15 Feb 2011 17:31
Day 102: Monday 14 February 2011. Bush camp near Nguti, Cameroon  N05 12.769  E009 23.705 Distance driven 159 km
We had a late start from our bush camp in the forest and drove to Mamfe for lunch.  The "road" was generally good with a few really bad sections where trucks had gouged out deep wells in the road almost as deep as the height of the Land Rover. As there had been no recent rain the road was entirely dry and presented no problems. Had it been wet it would have been a different story!
After a lunch of fried plantain and chicken with a spicy tomato sauce, we set off towards Kumba through beautiful rain forest.  On advice, we took the "new" road through Ossing and Akak as the "old" road is apparently impassable.  It turned out to be a well graded track with very few potholes as far as Nguti, and was a beautifully scenic route.  We made two mistakes, the first was not stopping for a swim at a beautiful river crossing just south of Ossing; the second was not stopping to camp for the night in the forest. We stupidly pressed on to Nguti and out onto the "main" road as we thought it was going to rain. The "main" road was a mess of very deep holes and we would have been better off staying in the forest.  As it was we camped up a farm track and after supper, having talked to a local, moved back into the village of Manyamen  and camped in the field behind his house.