Senegal summary

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Fri 24 Dec 2010 17:10
Senegal Summary
Days spent in Senegal         8
Nights in bungalow              3
Nights camping                    5
Distance driven                  1206 km
Average cost of diesel          90 pence/litre
You could say we didn't really give Senegal a chance but we were put off from the beginning with the obduracy of the border Customs in refusing to stamp our Carnet de Passage.  The hassle this caused, by chasing round Customs offices and a visit to Dakar, where we certainly didn't want to go, put us off Senegal from the beginning.  Our advice to fellow travellers is not to come here, but to go directly from Mauritania to Mali and take the risk of an Al Qaeda kidnapping.  It is far preferable to the hassle from Senegal Customs.
Add to that, the attitude of Senegal police to foreign tourists and the fact that the country is broken-down and heavily polluted but still charges French prices, - not worth it!