Day 65: Back across the desert to Bandiagara

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Sat 8 Jan 2011 17:34
Day 65: Saturday 8 January 2010. Tagoma encampement, Bandiagara. N14 21.480 W003 38.556  Distance driven 413 km
Another very hot, dusty drive across the desert back to Douentza.  The dust has got everywhere and we have another major cleaning job to do tonight, except we are too tired to do it!  It has been blisteringly hot today, but we are finally back in Bandiagara and planning to take off tomorrow for Burkina Faso, another 400 km day but at least it will be on tar, Inshallah!
Last night at Tenere I changed around all the tyres, putting two new ones from the spares onto the front and taking off two tyres with lumps out of the side walls.  One had a very deep slit in the side wall that we think has been done deliberately with a knife.  It happened last time we were in Bandiagara and may have been done by a tout whom I pissed off royally when he annoyed me.  I also greased the universal joints and checked over everything else.  The brake repair seems to be OK but the brakes pull a little to the left.