Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Thu 25 Nov 2010 19:53
Yesterday, in the souk in Fes, we each bought ourselves a jellaba, a traditional long Moroccan cloak with a hood. We had had a tour of a cloth stall where they were spinning yarn and weaving magnificent cloths in a multitude of colours, many interwoven with gold and silver thread.
After having chosen the jellabas came the price and the bargaining.  First the trader quoted a price which I dismissed and expressed no interest in the purchase.  Then he asked me to give my top price so I pitched in at 40% of his asking price.  He expressed absolute horror and said "where did you learn to bargain - you're not a Berber!"  We eventually settled at 55% of his asking price - I must be losing my grip after 13 years away from the Middle East!
Wait for the photos!