Preparation: Visas

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Wed 27 Oct 2010 13:19
We shall be travelling through 16 countries en route to South Arica and most of these require one to have a visa.  A few, perhaps 3, issue visas at the border entry, but the rest require you to have a visa stamped in the passport on reaching the border.  It would be too time consuming to try to obtain all these visas in London before we leave and, even if we did, we would probably find that half of them had expired before we came to use them.
We shall therefore obtain visas as we go, generally in one or two countries before the one for which the visa is needed.  The list looks like this:
Apply in Rabat, Morocco for visa for Mauritania, Mali
Apply in Bakamo, Mali for visas for Burkina Faso, Ghana
Apply in Lome, Togo for visas for Gabon, DRC, and possibly Angola
Apply in Accra, Ghana for visas for Nigeria and possibly Angola
Apply in Abuja, Nigeria for visas for Cameroon, Congo, Angola, Gabon, DRC
Apply at border for Senegal, Togo, Benin
The visa for Angola could be a problem as the norm is to issue only a 5-day transit visa and, as the route is 2,000 km over bad roads, it will be very tight. We want to try several Consulates to see if a 30 day visa may be obtained, as is issued to northbound travellers who get their Angola visa in South Africa!
It should be fun!