Day 103: Cool air at 1,000 metres

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Tue 15 Feb 2011 17:47
Day 103: Tuesday 15 February 2011. Presbyterian Synod Office, Buea, Cameroon  N04 09.692  E009 13.973 Distance driven 175 km
We drove on to Kumba on a pretty poor degraded tarmac road and a good asphalt surface after Kumba.  At Kumba we took a short diversion to visit the crater lake at Barombi Mbo a short way outside the town.  The track down to the lake was pretty difficult even for a Land Rover and probably explained the lack of tourists.  The lake itself was delightful, surrounded by rain forest and very tranquil. We took the opportunity of stripping off, having a swim and a very thorough wash and scrub. We emerged cleaner than we have been for weeks!
From there we drove into Buea and climbed up into the town at 1,000 metres, with cool air and mist billowing down from Mount Cameroon. It is just wonderful to be cool again after weeks of stickiness. We are camped at the Presbyterian Synod Guest House, had the car washed and given the lady here an enormous bag of very dirty laundry!