Day 74: Accra (4)

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Mon 17 Jan 2011 21:07
Day 74: Monday 17 January 2010. Private house, Accra, Ghana. Distance driven 47 km
Today's mission was to apply for Nigerian visas.  Problem #1 was to find the Nigerian Embassy. We had two addresses and one phone number, which turned out to be incorrect.  Yesterday we had searched for, and discounted, address #1 but we had found the residence of the Ambassador.  At 0800 I legged it over to the Residence on Independence Avenue and obtained a new location (#3) from the gate guard.  On the way I passed the UK High Commission, who gave me location #2.  As location #2 was nearby we checked it out in the LR but couldn't find any trace of the Nigerians.  We find the United Nations who gave us another location, #4.  The most positive information came from the Australian Embassy who gave us location #3 and we then found it very quickly.  We arrived at 1000, just as they were opening for passport applications and immediately bumped into our friends Grant and Andy from Oasis.
For those following us, the new address and telephone number is:
    Nigeria High Commission
    20/21 Onyasia Street
    Roman Ridge Residential Area
       PO Box 1548, Accra, Ghana
    Tel: 0302-776158/9
    Fax: 0302 774395
    GPS: N05 36.394'  W000 12.014'
It took a further 2 hours to lodge the application.  Hopefully, the visas will be ready by Wednesday, but we have to phone to check.  In addition to the application forms and passports, they wanted the following documents:
    Photocopy of passport
    Photocopy of Yellow Fever vaccination
    Photocopy of International Driving Licence
    Fee of $130 each
    Photocopy of health Insurance
    Photocopy of Carnet de passage including Ghana entry stamp
    Photocopy of Land Rover Registration document
Once all this was completed we went off to book the land Rover in for a service tomorrow.
I am beginning to find my way around Accra but it does seem that it is a very congested city at most hours.