Day 114: Gabon

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Sat 26 Feb 2011 16:03
Day 114: Saturday 26 February 2011.  Bush camp S of Mitzic, Gabon.  N00 25.936  E011 28.276 Distance driven 302 km. Total distance 17,559 km
Just look at the latitude - only a few miles to the equator!
The day started badly - no water in the bathroom, so no shower.  i brought in a bowl from our tank in the car so that we could have a wash, and then I refused to pay full price for the room and ended up with a 20% reduction.
The border formalities started with Cameroonian Customs in Ambam, about 30 km from the border and ended in Bitam, about 30 km south of the border.  It was a pretty easy passage with no hassle except an attempt by the Gabonese Gendarmerie to charge us 5,000 CFA each for entering.  We just said "no way" and that ended the matter!
The drive south from the border has been absolutely magnificent - a beautiful tar road with well kept verges, white lines, road signs and practically no traffic at all.  It has been rather like driving through magnificent park land, dense lush forest and an undulating road.  We have pulled off into a forest clearing for the night, the only problem being the bugs.