Day 134: Etosha in the rain

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Thu 17 Mar 2011 20:04
Day 133: Thursday 17 March 2011. Taleni Etosha Village, Namibia. S19 21.026 E015 55.748. Distance driven 171 km. Total distance 21,901
It rained heavily last night and it rained all day as I drove 140 km across the Etosha Park.  Because the roads are composed of a light grey clay, all the car windows soon became opaque and I saw very little game in the pouring rain.
As the park management company (NWR) is such a disaster, I determined not to stay another night and set my target on staying at a private lodge just outside the Andersson gate where  Jenny and I had stayed a few years ago.  However, I couldn't remember the name and took the wrong entrance which led me into a magnificent new eco-village, The Taleni Etosha Village.  They don't allow camping but as it was till raining I opted for one of their superb tented units.
The rain stopped, i got the car washed, had my laundry done, cleaned the inside of the  and had a delightful swim before a wonderful buffet dinner.  Things are definitely looking up although i am going to get hell from Jenny for staying here without her!