Day 123: Pointe Noire life

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Tue 8 Mar 2011 06:19
Day 123: Monday 7 March 2011. Yacht Club, Pointe Noire, Congo. S04 47.386 E011 50.877. Distance driven 4 km.
John Franklin
After one of the hottest and most humid nights we had a good breeze and took the opportunity to get all the bedding out and air it in the sun.  I went into town and drew the £500 we had transferred by Western Union. They would only pay me in CFA, which we no longer want, so I had to hunt around to get it changed into US$ cash.
After that I took to Land Rover into town to get the oil changed, filled up with diesel and washed.  On opening the bonnet I found that the vibrations of the last few days had broken the two front mounts of the air cleaner so had to secure that later with cable ties.  Also, in changing the diesel filter element, the cak-handed mechanic managed to crack the GRP bodywork onto which the filter is mounted. That's much more serious and I had to secure the filter unit so that it will not vibrate and crack the mounting further.
On return to base I found that the Africa Tours truck had caught up with us again and we had 20+ more people sharing the camp site.
From here the plan is to spend 2 nights in Cabinda, 2 in DRC and then the 5 day push through Angola.  All being well, we should be into Namibia by 17 March, which gives us 8 days to meet up with Garth, of which we probably only need 4, so in theory, we have 4 days in hand.