Day 82: Country # 8 Togo

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Tue 25 Jan 2011 21:36
Day 82: Tuesday 25 January 2011.  Chez Alice, Lome Togo.  N06 10.087 W001 20.437   Distance driven 264 km
We treated ourselves to breakfast at the Holiday Inn, mainly to make use of their fast Wi-Fi service.  What a delight it was - the buffet breakfast, reminiscent of the old days at Holiday Inn Jeddah, and the ultra fast Wi-Fi, the best since we left home.  Then to Accra Mall for final South African delicacies and on the road east towards Togo. 
It was a pretty straightforward trip on a good road surface.  We made a 20 km diversion to Ada Fouah at the mouth of the Volta estuary which was very interesting, especially the multi-coloured fishing boats. As we approached the border the road deteriorated and there was a 50 km stretch of road under construction by the Chinese. 
The border crossing itself was, as usual, unsigned and confusing.  Jenny was trying to change over from her UK to SA passport but the Togolese wouldn't let her use her SA passport as she hadn't got a Ghanian exit stamp in it.  She went back to the Ghanaians to see if they would put an exit stamp in the SA passport, but they wouldn't play ball and she had to enter on the UK passport which now only has one blank page!
Here at Chez Alice we have met up with our Oasis friends and had a very convivial evening.