Day 97: On the move again

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Thu 10 Feb 2011 06:39
Day 97: Wednesday 9 February 2011. Dolphin Complex, Makurdi, Nigeria.  N 07 45.163 E 006 33.618  Distance driven 296 km
We packed up and were away to the Angola Embassy at 0930 but had to wait two hours for our visas.  Off on the road south by 1200 we found it to be fast with a good surface all the way to Makurdi.  Arriving there at 1700 we went to the Dolphin Complex and took a scruffy, dilapidated room for N2500.  We could have camped in the grounds but the toilets for the camping were disgusting and no showers.  At least the room had running water (eventually), no shower but a galvanised bucket in the bath for showering! It was another good example of Nigerian "maintenance".  We followed up a couple of leads for "restaurants" but found them either without food or closed, so we made a our own salad and sat outside the Dolphin under the tress and drank cold Star.
It is a great relief to have obtained all our visas so there is no need to go to any more big cities with their congestion, pollution and lack of camping facilities. We are free now to determine our own route all the way home.