Day 78: Good to go

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Fri 21 Jan 2011 20:50
Day 78: Friday 21 January 2011. Private house Accra, Ghana. Distance driven 37 km
We heard late last night that the LR parts had arrived at DHL warehouse so I was there before 0800 this morning to clear the goods through Customs.  That took 2 hours, a lot of patience (of which i have a short supply) and CD250 - about £112 in duty, VAT, clearance fees, handling fess, unspecified fees and percentages on percentages.  The world of freight is like this the world over; fees on fees on fees. Most of the time you don't know what you are paying for, you only know that you have no option but to pay up and that you are undoubtedly being taken for a ride - just grin and bear it.
I fitted the two new half shafts this afternoon, once the heat had gone out of the sun, quite an easy job taking only about 45 minutes each side.
That was quite an amazing service from Nene Overland and DHL.  In only 72 hours from being advised of the problem by PHC Motors, Nene Overland had shipped the parts out by DHL, they had arrived in Accra and I had cleared them though Customs and fitted them.  Contrast this with PHC's pathetic "it will take a month to get the parts from the UK"  and "if the Customer provides parts our policy does not allow us to fit them".  It is all a question of attitude; they could have had the business if they had the imagination to come up with a realistic solution.  Is this just "the African way" or is it anything to do with Tata's new ownership of Land Rover? Or are we just lucky to be looked after so well by Nene Overland?
We are now ready to roll tomorrow morning, out westwards to the Cape Coast for a few days.  It is going to be a wrench leaving the hot showers, washing machine and aircon but we need to make a break and get back to camping before we get too soft!