Preparation: Docmentation

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Fri 29 Oct 2010 10:00
This seems to have been going on for months! We started in May by tackling the documentation for importing the Land Rover into South Africa as a Permanent Import and involved obtaining a Letter of Approval (LOA) from NRCS, a branch of the South African Bureau of Standards, and an Import Permit from ITAC, an agency of South African Customs. This process required a great deal of form-filling and production of copies of documents but was largely accomplished on-line from the UK, and quite quickly, which is a great testimony to the systems organisation within these government agencies.
Also in May we completed all the forms for the Carnet de Passage and its associated Bank Guarantee, and for International Driving Licences. All these were submitted in late September after we had returned from sailing.  The bank guarantee we dealt with in our earlier blog "who loves a banker".  Enough said, it did eventually arrive and the RAC then issued the Carnet within two days; thanks to Paul Gowen and his team.
We have passports, UK and International driving licences, vaccination record cards, Yellow Fever certificates, and copies of all of these.  We have prepared a "fiche" in French, with basic details of ourselves and the vehicle.  This fiche is the solution (hopefully) for avoiding filling in forms at all the numerous police road blocks especially in Mauritania.  We are carrying 25 copies! We also have all the original documents for the Land Rover, the LOA and Import Certificate and our marriage licence as Jenny's passports are still in her former married name, it being too difficult and involved to change them!
All these have been scanned and we have put all the scans onto memory sticks, one of which we shall carry with us and one we shall leave with family.