Day 148: Mission Accomplished! Home!

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Sat 2 Apr 2011 08:29
Day 148: Friday 1 April 2011. Tandile, Broedersrtoom, South Africa. S25 48.502 E027 51.673 Distance travelled 563 km.  Total trip distance 25,160 km
Another long, hot and rather boring drive down the N14, but we finally got home at 1700, 148 days "out" and 25,000 km driven. We went for a celebratory meal at the "African Swiss" restaurant down the road and then the long-awaited hot bath.
This was a trip of a lifetime, fortunately executed without major incident, either political, judicial, medical, mechanical or financial and great fun to boot!
Major congratulations are due to Jenny for her cheerful companionship, her co-driving, her organisation and her sheer endurance and the Land Rover for bringing us through some pretty tough spots without even faultering - some tough vehicle!
In the next few days I'll publish some trip statistics - once we have cleaned the Land Rover of all the Saharan sand and the Angolan mud!