Day 131: Nearly out of Angola

Soutpiel Safari
John & Jenny
Wed 16 Mar 2011 05:29
Day 131: Tuesday 15 March 2011.  Bush camp near Xangongo, Angola.  S16 45.392  E015 02.357  Distance driven 317 km
I thought this was going to be an easy day - how wrong I was!
I started out with a hot bath, the first since leaving the UK last November. Then a leisurely breakfast followed by routine maintenance on the car in the hotel car park. I then filled up with diesel and left for Xangongo and again T4A devised a tortuous exit route.
The first 217 km was on new, smooth, fast tar and, thinking I had all day i idled along at 80-90 kph.  Unfortunately, 100 km before Humbe, the tar ceased abruptly and then began the toughest section of the whole trip. I had a few minutes warning of what was to come in an SMS from Chris on the Oasis truck which was just passing into Namibia.  He (Oz) described it as 100 km of shit, to be followed tomorrow by 40 km of crap.  I've done the shit but will the crap be better or worse?
To make it worse it rained all afternoon, at times torrentially, and all the holes filled with water.  It took about 4 hours to do the 100 km and for a lot of the time I was in low range with diff lock engaged. However, the Land Rover never faltered - it took it all in its stride. It was 1800 by the time I got to the Police check point at Humbe and I asked the police if I could camp there.  At first they agreed and then changed their minds "for security reasons".  I drove through Xangongo and, just before dark, ducked off the road behind some trees and i don't thinks anyone knows I am here.
I'll be glad to get out of Angola; it is a grossly over-priced country, I find the people dour and unfriendly, the food bland and tasteless, the Police blatantly corrupt, the cities very scruffy and the bad roads are truly awful. On the good side, diesel is ridiculously cheap at 33p/litre!