Pinch punch.... Mmmmm Punch... 09:56.861S 131:34.561W

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Tue 2 May 2023 01:25

Day 41

Pinch punch first of the month; and happy May Day Bank holiday! April 
2023 is over and will be our first ever entire month spent without sighting land!

400nm now to the Marquesas!! When we look at the screen of our chart-plotter we can see Hamble Warrior on the same screen as land for the first time since we passed the Galapagos Islands several weeks back!

We had a lovely evening last night and enjoyed our dinner under the stars. It was a quiet and uneventful night; we left reefs in both sails and made some good miles in decent conditions.

Today has been an equally quiet and uneventful day. The wind eased a little more than expected and we took the reef out of the mainsail shortly before midday.

This afternoon we took the decision to furl away some of the headsail and fashion a temporary repair to the UV strip that has been coming away from the foot of the sail these last few days. Jamie managed this fairly easily but had a harder job of cutting the headsail sheet on the port side and re-splicing it where it has once again chaffed through on the spinnaker pole. After much adjusting of the other lines we managed to get the clew of the sail within his reach and he was able to cut and re-splice it. We were both glad when he was back in the cockpit and the headsail was re-set. Definitely time to put the kettle on!

We have had another good day's run of 
131nm. We will see what the next 24 hrs brings but we are currently still expecting to make landfall later this week.