Making miles again... 10:11.041'S 128:02.886'W

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Sun 30 Apr 2023 00:58

Day 39 - 10:11.041'S 128:02.886'W

Yesterday evening we enjoyed a peaceful Friday night; there was a beautiful pastel coloured sky at dusk and the familiar trade wind cloud formation that we have become so fond of was beautifully backlit in a fiery blaze on the horizon as the sun disappeared behind it. We listened to some music and drank fruit juice in the cockpit whilst we read our daily email download; a record number of them!

After dinner we retired early as we were both very tired. During the night the wind filled in and with our sails set wing-on-wing we rolled along; chomping-up miles for the first time in several days.

This morning we woke to a stunning day; beautiful blue skies and white fluffy clouds again much like the rest of the week. However, today we also had the wind with us pushing us along and at last we feel like we are on our final leg! The winds have stayed consistent around 15kts and the sea state has become a little more boisterous to match it.

These conditions are ideal not only for making some decent miles to our destination but they also seem to have shaken the lone Booby off our bow which is quite handy!

Having had a busy day yesterday cooking and preparing the boat ready for some proper ocean sailing; today we have been quite lazy, reading and relaxing. The motion on-board seems to have put Meep back into snooze-mode too and he has spent most of the day fast asleep upside down in his basket in what I call "thriller pose"!! It is still daylight here and brilliant sunshine but the moon is already clearly visible and we commented that by the time we arrive in Hiva Oa it will likely be approaching a full moon. I can only imagine what the combination of a full moon and being allowed to run around on deck for the first-time in 6 weeks will have on Meep's behaviour... we'll put our tin hats on!!!!

It has come to our attention that our position hasn't been updating on our blog map on the home page. We can't understand why this is as we have been inputting the coordinates in the same way we always have previously. We will try and place the coordinates elsewhere in the email and see if that updates our position otherwise we will need to have a look at it when we arrive in Polynesia. Unfortunately we can't look at the actual page whilst we are underway; we literally connect to our satellite phone to send the blog as an email which is then uploaded to our page. So our apologies if this hasn't been updating our position.

Our daily run today is a very satisfying 110nm leaving us just 640nm left to reach Hiva Oa!