10:12.300'S 126:10.506'W Guess who's back... Boobies back!

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Sat 29 Apr 2023 00:03

The captain is on blog duties again today due to Magpie having other writing commitments!


Today has seen the return of the wind and we have started to make some miles towards Hiva Oa! We still only have about 8/10kts but this has allowed us to make about 3.5kts boat speed since sunrise. We are hopeful this will increase overnight and then will remain a brisk force 4/5 for the duration of our journey which we are very happy about.


With this news of brisk winds to stir up our mirror flat ocean, we have set about getting Hamble Warrior prepared for the last part of the voyage. Magpie has cooked up a double portion of Bolognese and some more of her ocean famous biscuits. I have baked us some bread for the weekend and made some jelly as a treat for when the going gets rolly! We have re-stocked the tinned stores so everything is to hand, we shouldn’t need to go digging into the more inaccessible lockers until we make landfall. I have also stowed the boat properly so everything should remain where it is and not rattle around and disturb anyone trying to rest.


We have also seen the return of one of the Boobies today unfortunately! He seems to be on his own which is good and so far he hasn’t exhibited any of the annoying habits they seem to show when they are in a gang, although I’m sure he is up on the bow right now shitting over everything!


The days run today is a mighty 68NM after yesterdays pitiful returns! This leaves us with 760NM to go which hopefully we can soon dispatch with the current forecast. We are no longer making the mistake of plotting our arrival date after this week’s late change of weather slowed us down…


We have had beautiful trade wind skies and clear starry night for the past 5 or 6 days and we hope that continues for the next part of the voyage but we are prepared that the return of wind may bring some squalls and rain as well. Everything is more tolerable when you’re getting closer to your destination though!


We have a tea planned of sausage and pumpkin bake for tonight. Panamanian salchichas and chunks of pumpkin and onion roasted together served with some rice. We have chilled some orange juice for our sunset Friday night works drinks. We will accompany this with some tunes on our Ipod and enjoy what should be our last Friday of the crossing! This time next week we hope to be getting well and truly stuck into the adult drinks!


Meep has had a most sedentary day today after his excitable time yesterday. I assume he tired himself out because he didn’t get out of his crate till mid afternoon and only then because he spotted a new bag of cat biscuits on the side and thought he best bite them open! After that he went back to doing what he does best and was asleep for the rest of the afternoon!


That is all our news for today and we hope everyone has a great weekend whatever you have planned.