Lightweights 16:47:94N 32:03:00W

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Sun 9 Jan 2022 18:51

Another comfortable 24 hour run. Our daily miles tally comes in at just under 119nm today so the light winds are unsurprisingly hitting our daily runs but it's nice to be sailing in pretty calm conditions and we are still making way in the right direction.


Just before sunset last night we dropped our spinnaker and set our headsail wing-on-wing with our main. We don't get such good speeds with the headsail and the motion isn't quite as comfortable as the spinnaker but we aren't yet confident about keeping up a lightweight sail during the night. Lightweight sails comprise a lot of fabric which is launched from the deck on a halyard rather than having a furling mechanism such that the headsail has. For these reasons they can be tricky to drop in a hurry if the wind speeds increase or change direction suddenly. Therefore we prefer to sail with the more conservative option of the headsail at night which can be reefed single-handed if neccessary.


We had our own mini "indie disco" on-board as we would usually listen to this on Absolute radio on a Saturday evening. With no option for listening to the radio here Jamie recreated the experience with our own downloads and it was a pretty good selection! Jamie read us our daily email and we had a couple more "blue beers" then I prepared us a dinner of grilled pork with sides of coleslaw, beans and bread. It was one of our first meals that wasn't just "one-bowl passage food", as conditions were calm enough to have meat under the grill, bread in the oven and pans on the stovetop all at the same time. I was pretty pleased to get it all cooked and eaten without anything getting hurled across the cabin!


We had another eventless night both commenting that the temperatures were now improving at last even late in the evening. I am down to just 2 layers now and have shed my thermal layer and Jamie is now in his lightweight zip-up... we crossed to 17 degrees North latitude during the night so if our friends are to be believed we will have 24 degrees celsius at night in the next couple of days!


This morning we furled the headsail and launched the spinnaker again before breakfast. Jamie set his trolling line out and after an hour or two we had another small mahi mahi on the hook. This one was a bit cleverer than the last though and managed to get free before Jamie could get him on-board. I went below decks and cooked the rest of the pork into a double portion of Penang curry so we have two more dinners for the next few days even if we don't catch anything!


It was properly hot on-board today and while the sun was in the cockpit for the first half of the day we put up the sheet we use as a sun shade. For a few hours we enjoyed the calm conditions drifting along under spinnaker making an average of about 5kts of speed in about 11kts of wind.


With these conditions we have been leaving the companionway open and Meep has been dozing in his hammock most of the day. Occasionally he ventures up on deck and when he does we clip him on to a lead and keep him in the cockpit. He doesn't seem to want to explore much further at the moment. He seems to just be happy hanging out with us or sleeping and I think he recognises that when the sails are set the foredeck is out of bounds.


Captain is having an afternoon snooze and I have finished my third book of the passage so far so I am off to raid the bookshelves and get the kettle back on; it has been the hardest working piece of equipment on this boat by far this weekend!!