03:36.968'N 082:06.085'W - Spa day

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Sat 25 Mar 2023 22:55

Day 4

We have had a good day with light winds but enough to make way under our usual working sails.

At approx. 
0930hrs we passed Isla de Malpelo which is a tiny island; more a lump of rock really, owned by the Colombian military and used as an outpost. It was very exciting to see land again even after just 4 days! By midday it had already disappeared behind us.

We have made nearly 
100nm in the last 24 hours which we are pretty pleased with considering the light winds.

The sea state continues to be calm and we have had a comfortable day on-board. This afternoon we took to the foredeck armed with clippers; a bucket, soap, razor and flannel for a "spa day". We are both now clean and fresh and ready for Saturday night; not quite the excitement of bars; drinking and dancing but maybe a can of soda and some of our favourite party tunes!

Meep has divided his day between hanging out with us and snoozing under the upturned dinghy on deck that he can access through the open hatches in the saloon and galley. He loves it up there because he's the only one of us small enough to squeeze up there so he gets some peace and quiet. I'm sure if he had a bedroom door he'd slam it some days!! He's still sulking about the absence of flying fish; but otherwise very contented.