Casablanca to Port! 34:36.23N 07:21.22W

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Sat 2 Oct 2021 17:01

Had the peaceful first night out that we had hoped for. While posting our first update I watched a huge pod of Dolphins hurry past us heading north against the current with just one curious enough to lose time coming to check us out before prancing off to rejoin his friends. We enjoyed dinner in the cockpit and Captain took first watch while I headed to my bunk. Around 2am we lost the wind completely and reluctantly turned on the motor. Despite the rumble of the engine it was a fabulous night with a starry sky overhead and a light show of phospherence in our wake. There was enough shipping around to justify our watch system but nothing too close for comfort and all passing well wide of us heading in the opposite direction.


Today started with a stunning sunrise and a beautiful day but still very little wind. This improved as the day went on and by afternoon we were able to get more sail out and start pointing towards our destination. The wind has started to blow more from the north as the afternoon has progressed and we are now bounding along nicely pointing towards the Canaries with Morrocco to Port. We also now have some Atlantic swell bouncing us along and giving us a taste of what the next few days and months will have in store!


Meep spent most of last night snuggled up in the bunk with whoever was off watch and today had a little bit of time above decks sunning himself in the cockpit but is now back in his hammock snoozing! We have spent much of the day reading; making and eating food and drinking tea! However, Captain has also been tinkering with his fishing gear so watch this space…