09:25.184'S 119:36.057'W Lazy sunday...

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Mon 24 Apr 2023 00:23

Day 33

Been a lovely sunny Sunday on Hamble Warrior today. The winds have been light but consistent; force 
3-4. We launched the spinnaker after a late breakfast (fresh bread; yum) and it has been flying all day pulling us along at 5; sometimes as much as 6kts. The sea state has been pretty benign but having this big lightweight sail pulling up front has a very stabilising effect and the two factors combined have made for very comfortable conditions on-board. We probably should have taken advantage of these conditions to do some jobs but the boat is in pretty good shape and we have instead passed a very lazy Sunday reading; napping and playing Yahtzee. We have also started talking about our plans for our time in the South Pacific and looking at maps and pilot books to plan an itinery for which islands to visit when we arrive. There are so many islands it can make your head spin!

Meep has spent much of the day snoozing below decks but when we sat in the cockpit playing yahtzee he came to join us for a while. His friend Mr Crab hasn't been seen for several days now. Of course it's possible he met a grisly end but more likely he disappeared back the way he came when Jamie opened the seacock to drain the water out of the pipe last week. Either way I have taken him off the crew list now!

We have been trolling our fishing line again but no more luck. There were obviously two fish in this ocean and we have had them both now!!

Our 5pm to 5pm daily run is 
107nm which we are pretty pleased with. We had a slow night and knew this morning we might struggle to make over 100nm today but launching the spinnaker was absolutely the right idea and has helped us get over that target. As we get closer the thought of dropping below 100nm per day is a pretty grim prospect so we are very happy with today's effort.

If we can make the next 25nm without incident we will be moving our clocks forward another hour later today. This will put us at GMT +9hrs (I think!) Apparently our blog posts already crossed the dateline at some point last week when we uploaded our update one day and it posted as the following day… very confusing! I'll just stick with my "day X" system and hope that makes sense!

Whatever; it'll be Monday by the time most of our friends and family read this... so have a great week everyone!