09:49.515'S 124:19.669'W What a load of old ship....

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Thu 27 Apr 2023 00:27

Day 36                        

Just a short update today. The winds continue to be very very light. We have not quite been fully becalmed...yet, but Jamie has been hand steering on and off to try and keep our sails full and keep inching us forwards. When we are pointing in the right direction and there is enough wind to propel us we leave our windpilot to steer again but frequently the wind eases and we drift a little off course; the sails then back and we have to gybe them and get set again. It is very unrewarding sailing. At some point we may just give up and drop all sail and drift until the winds fill in again. It is a shame; it has probably put our arrival day back a few days especially with even lighter winds forecast for the next few days as mentioned in yesterdays blog. Hopefully the stronger winds will fill in soon and get us moving again.

Meep has been full of mischief today; I suspect he thinks we are actually at anchor as we are moving so slowly. I spent a lot of time playing with him earlier; waving around the little fishing rod toy we made him whilst he chased the knotted rope tied to it. After an hour or so we were both exhausted!!

Nothing more exciting than that to report today unfortunately. Spirits aren't exactly high aboard; then again we have everything we need - except wind of course!

The projected daily run is expected to be approx. 62nm. Disappointing :(