06:36.027'S 94:34.353'W Thou shall have more fishy on a little dishy!

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Tue 11 Apr 2023 23:36

Day 21

Conditions are now much more lively aboard as we find ourselves in amongst the trade winds and we are bounding along at last making good miles.

Last night we had all three full working sails out all night; including our staysail and made decent enough progress; speeds of around 3kts, although we got pushed a little off course at one stage.

Today we have been enjoying more wind and seeing speeds of 6 and 7kts. Jamie took in the staysail around mid-afternoon and we have been continuing to make good speeds under full main and headsail.

After enjoying our Tuna supper last night Jamie once again streamed his trolling line today and changed the lure through the day according to what colour he had read attracted fish depending on the time of day. It was a successful formula as he had three fish on the line during the course of the morning and early afternoon. Each one a fighter and got away before he was able to land them. The fourth was the lucky number at around 4pm when he successfully managed to land a beautiful Mahi Mahi; 2ft long and weighing several kilos, enough for at least 2 meals each for the three of us. Again we are all very excited; especially Meep!

Jamie had cooked up a vegetable curry earlier in the day which we will now set aside for tomorrow so that's the next 3 nights catered and the fishing gear packed away for the week. It is nice to finally have some success on the fishing front. We haven't really fished much between our ocean crossings and usually setting sail takes precedent over messing about with fishing lines but it's nice to be catching supper again and already we have had more success in the Pacific than we had in the Atlantic. We will be very careful not to catch more than we can eat but as our fresh supplies start to run low it will be nice to have fresh fish in our diet.

The boat we have been tracking on AIS is "Beez Neez" which is another Trident Warrior 40 that we met in Antigua where the current owners had recently purchased her from the previous owners that had circumnavigated in her. We know the crew quite well and spoke to them on VHF when they got within a mile or so and they called us up. It is funny to think that in a body of water that covers something crazy like more than one third of the earth's surface (another one to fact check at a later date) we pretty much "bumped into" someone we knew!! We are currently leaving them behind at quite a rate which makes me think they have shortened sail. I think Jamie is enjoying that our wind instruments aren't working and therefore I am not insisting that we reef down our sails because I can't see what the wind is doing... jokes on him because I am happy to keep full sail and go as fast as possible now; I am looking forward to getting to Hiva Oa and if we maintain this speed then we are halfway there (in terms of days at least - not miles!)

Tomorrow we will pass the longest we have been at sea for any single passage; we will have been at sea longer than our Atlantic passage at 21 days!

Our 5pm to 5pm daily run today has come out at 
105nm. Another solid days progress (insert muscular upper arm emoji here!!)