08:29.715'S 107:08.140'W Another change of the clock...

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Mon 17 Apr 2023 23:48

Day 27

We enjoyed a lovely evening last night with unusually fair weather after sunset. Recently evenings seem to bring a lot of dense clouds but last night there was none of that and we were treated to one of the most amazing night skies I have ever seen. It felt like every single star; constellation, planet, galaxy and satelllite was clearly visible and not just overhead but right down to the horizon like we were ensconced inside a sparkly tent. A late rising moon meant there was no light pollution at all to interfere with our stargazing and looking over the gunwhales of the boat into the water we were treated to more sparkles from the foaming phosphoresce rolling in our wake and the "roosters tail" of bioluminescence from our stern.

In the early evening we'd played Yahtzee (I won!!) read our emails and listened to music. Later as it got a little chilly we went below and cooked dinner and watched P&R. We hadn't had any luck with our fishing so we had sausages and homemade oven chips with slaw; a very special treat Jamie had prepared to celebrate our "over half way-point".

Having chalked off another 15 degrees of longitude (
900nm) we moved our ship's clocks back a further one hour at bedtime making our time difference to GMT -7hrs. This felt like another small milestone in our trip.

Shortly after midnight... or one o'clock; depending on which clock you looked at (ok so we hadn't quite changed ALL the ship's clocks!!) the wind shifted to the east and we needed to point Hamble Warrior more downwind. This required us rigging the spinnaker pole so that we could "goosewing" the sails (sail with the main to one side and the headsail poled out on the opposite side). This was all pretty straightforward to achieve but it's the first night we have had to do anything much more exciting than reef or unreef the sails for several days now. Whilst I was standing in the cockpit listening for Jamie's instructions from the bow my mind started wandering to a recent email my in-laws had sent talking about their attempts to put the cover on their gazebo ready for summer. As Jamie yelled over the wind which of the three lines I needed to pull/release/winch it occurred to me that anyone wondering if taking up ocean sailing with their spouse was really for them could probably assess their suitability with such an exercise. Therefore if you wonder if this sort of thing is for you really all you need to do is go into the garden in the middle of a windy night; spin around on the spot a few times until your knees are a little wobbly to synthesize "sea legs" then perform a simple but physical task (putting the cover on the gazebo, rigging up a washing line or a simple hammock) whilst shouting instructions to each other from a distance of around 10 to 12 metres. Your level of success; enjoyment and state of your marriage once you have completed this task will give you a pretty solid indication as to your suitability for crewing a small boat across an ocean. If you do try this experiment PLEASE let me know how it goes!!

Today has been a day of pretty consistent winds; mostly force 4, making decent speeds averaging 5 to 
5.5kts and with mostly clear skies and sunshine although there has been a bit of cloud coming and going through the day. The sea state has been reasonably comfortable although I think to a certain degree we are just adjusting to a pretty consistent trade winds motion on-board. Our point of sail does mean that a bigger wave every five minutes rolls the wind out of the headsail and causes the whole rig to shudder and rattle for the next thirty seconds as the sail re-fills.

There is still a pretty steady flow of flying fish coming aboard so Meep is happy; if, possibly getting a little fat from the poor fish to exercise ratio (he can run it off above decks when we get our anchor down!) We are trolling a fishing line again today but I am going to make us a pasta dish for dinner just incase we don't have any luck on that front.

We are going to upload our blog and emails a little early today but our projected 5pm to 5pm daily run is 
129nm which we are pretty pleased with (That does include an extra hour though so not dissimilar to the last few days)

That's all for today.