08:39.900'S 109:23.000'W The Meg

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Wed 19 Apr 2023 00:45

Day 28

Mixed weather today; a cloudy overcast day gave way to a sunny few hours and blue skies but now it is grey and overcast once again.

We have had a little more wind today and we are mostly making way with the headsail poled out "wing on wing". Conditions on-board have been a little more rolly than yesterday which isn't particularly comfortable but not unmanageable.

Meep has finally discovered the crab in the forward sink. He spends long periods of time lying by the sink on guard but cunning Mr Crab has managed to evade him so far... It has given Meep a new hobby though.

We have been trolling the fishing line and changing the lures through the day as per the wisdom Jamie read that different colour lures attract fish at different times of day*. At around 11am I was sitting in the cockpit when the line on the reel suddenly started paying out at an incredible rate. It was like nothing I've ever seen before. I have no idea what was on the end of that line but the way it was paying out it must have been huge... HUGE… like E-NORMOUS!!!! Jamie rushed up from down below with his toothbrush still in his mouth and I started rummaging in the cockpit lockers for his gloves and a knife incase he just needed to cut the line. Jamie couldn't clutch off the reel; whatever was on the other end was far too strong to stop it taking the line. Eventually whatever it was must have worked it's way free as Jamie was able to start hauling the line back in. It took him ages to reel in all of the line that had spooled out. Miraculously once we pulled it all in both the lure and the hook were still attached to the end. We have absolutely no idea what it was or how it got away but we were VERY relieved to see it wasn't on the end of our line any more!!

That was the excitement of the day. We are still trolling our fishing line but no other nibbles yet! Might be pasta for tea again tonight!

We have been making good speeds today; full sails out and our 5pm to 5pm daily run came in at 127nm.

*FYI the "Megladon" coloured lure was a blue and purple coloured squid lure