05:59.192'S 92:54.643'W FISH ON!!!

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Mon 10 Apr 2023 23:53

Day 20 : Monday 10th April.

We discovered today that our last 2 blog posts (Saturday 8th & Easter Sunday 9th April) did not upload successfully which is a shame. We had attached photos to them which could have been the cause of the problem so we will attempt to upload them again with this post (minus the photos) and hopefully that will work. There is always a chance they will post out of sequence but hopefully that will be obvious if it happens!

We enjoyed a relaxing Easter day yesterday and a relaxing evening too. We had planned to open one of the special tins of duck that we had brought in the French islands and roast it up with potatoes and other vegetables as a special Easter dinner treat but after a lazy day we really didn't feel like a massive roast dinner and in the end we cooked ourselves a simple pasta dish and enjoyed our evening sitting chatting about our future plans.

We have enjoyed good consistent winds for the last couple of days and for the past 24 hours or so the start of the trade winds has carried us west-south-west in around 10kts of wind towards our destination. We have been averaging about 4kts of speed and our 5pm to 5pm daily run today is 
102nm which is much more respectable than any of last week's runs! Yesterday's 5pm to 5pm was nearly 100nm too so we are definitely making decent progress now.

We have had another nice day on-board today. There has been plenty of little jobs to do cleaning and organising. We have also been reading and hanging out with Meep.

Jamie took his trolling reel off the back of the boat several days ago to give it some TLC as it had seized up a little. Yesterday he re-fitted it to the back of the boat and this morning he trolled a line from it. At around 1 o'clock this afternoon the line starting paying out noisily and Jamie went up and reeled in a beautiful looking yellow fin tuna. Meep instantly knew something exciting was happening and wanted to join the party but I put the washboards in place to keep him below decks whilst Jamie gutted and filleted our catch. Meep could clearly smell the fish through the washboards and was making a racket; keen to get involved! Once we had the fillets safely stowed in a Tupperware and had cleaned up on deck we let Meep out and he spent the afternoon sniffing and patrolling. There is plenty of tuna for the three of us for dinner and I think we are both as excited as Meep is about it! I have made a simple potato salad for us to have with ours. What a treat.

I will keep today's update short as we hope it will be one of 3 for you to catch up on!

Have a great week everyone.