07:27.123'S 98:31.169'W All's swell...

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Thu 13 Apr 2023 21:47

Day 23

The grim conditions yesterday lasted through the night with more squalls and enough of a sea state to make for a bumpy night.

I have been taking Stugeron to prevent sea sickness but despite this was not feeling particularly good last night and whilst Jamie had the vegetable curry he had made the day before for his dinner I only managed a small bowl of cereal.

We kept the sails well reefed down overnight and both slept below decks in the dry. Jamie went on deck every half hour or so to check everything was ok and returned drenched each time.

Today the weather has been better with no rain yet although there are definitely squalls lingering; it seems unlikely we will get this blog posted before one eventually hits. There has been the odd glimpse of blue skies and the sun has peeked out occasionally; a vast improvement on yesterday! The winds have been around force 5 all day and we have made solid progress. The sea state has been such that conditions on board haven't been overly comfortable; although not too bad. The best way to describe it is that if you have nothing to do then it is not uncomfortable. However there is enough of a motion that trying to do much in the galley or move around much is pretty frustrating. I guess we have been spoilt for the last 3 weeks in our "anchorage conditions" but this is the motion that will get us where we are heading! 

There is no doubt we are in an ocean now; from my little corner spot in the saloon I look up into the cockpit and every now and then see an enormous wave bearing down on us. When I go up on deck and look around the sea swell is picking us up and dropping us off the back of each passing surge. Occasionally one misplaced wave will slap the side of the hull and there are frothy white-caps adding a little drama to the scene.

Hamble Warrior seems perfectly at home here. There is something very comforting about the way she moves with the ocean swell. She is like a small child with each hand held by a trusted adult; swinging in the troughs between swells.

We have spent most of today below; reading and re-watching our old favourite "Parks and Recreations" from our hard drive. Meep has found his usual comfy spot across the saloon and watches us from there; occasionally sliding under the table to snuggle next to our feet where he can't be rolled too far! He had a treat this morning when Jamie found four very small flying fish on deck. They were so tiny he threw them all straight into Meep's bowl and within moments he had eaten them wings and all! He is keen to remind us there is still Mahi Mahi in the fridge for supper; as if we were going to forget!

We are posting the blog an hour early so I have calculated our 5pm to 5pm daily run today to be a very respectable 134nm which compensates for a bit of an uncomfortable evening last night.