Water water everywhere 26:26.43N 18:10.58W

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Sun 2 Jan 2022 16:35

2nd January


As I came on watch at 5am the wind had just started to slowly and steadily rise and over the next few hours 12kts steadily rose to 19. We were making good way now and conditions were pretty comfortable with Hamble Warrior riding the gentle Atlantic swell with ease. We put a single reef in the main and let the wind pilot take over to give the tiller pilot a break! We were making 6 to 7 kts over the ground and eventually realised there was no longer any land to be sighted however hard we squinted!


At 2pm we calculated our first day's run at 130nm which we are pretty pleased with - especially after a light-winds start!

Meep joined us on deck for an hour or so and spent much of that time nested in the spinnaker bag! Infact we have all taken it in turns to use the spinnaker bag for a little

snooze on and off throughout the day!


We inspected our fresh fruit and vegetables and we are still very pleased with their condition which is good news this early on.

Otherwise it has been a pretty comfortable day of reading, writing, eating, cooking, talking about things we will cook and eat next, snoozing and speculating about whether we will arrive into the Caribbean in time for Spurs playing Chelsea on the 23rd!


Shortly Jamie will fire up the laptop and we will see if these latest blog posts will upload and if we can access a weather update so fingers crossed for that!