07:01.008'S 96:31.801'W The sun seems to have a had a lie in....

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Wed 12 Apr 2023 23:58

Day 22

Pretty shit day. The skies have been solid grey and overcast from the minute it got light (not that the sun ever came up that we saw) and it has either rained solidly or drizzled all day long. We filled what little space we had in water cans early on so even the rain wasn't either welcome or needed.

Mostly we have had good strong winds but they did die off for a couple of hours around midday leaving us drifting. This left us with a hideous motion to the boat until the wind filled in then we returned to fairly brisk conditions with a moderate sea meaning no leaving cups on the side like the last few weeks. We are most definitely ocean sailing again now….

With no sun our batteries have had no charge from the solar panels whatsoever. Concerned we would have to turn our fridge off we relented and turned the engine on to charge the batteries for 45 minutes. This was the final insult to an already crap day. Although we didn't have the engine in gear; and therefore it didn't provide any propulsion whatsoever, we had been keen to cross the Pacific ocean without turning the engine on at all if we could. To have sat all of those windless days around the Galapagos Islands nursing our sails along and then need to turn the engine on due to lack of sunlight was a real kick in the teeth.

Meep has been in his little basket looking at me across the saloon where I am wedged reading my book in the corner. I have put the fairy lights on to try and brighten the place up; and because they have their own rechargeable batteries so they don't draw on our solar power. I find it very comforting how unconcerned Meep is; his chilled little face always makes me feel more relaxed. His ears only went back when Jamie tuned on the engine; he looked genuinely shocked and concerned!

5pm to 5pm daily run is 
118nm so that's a small consolation at least.

I would not recommend sailing as a hobby, mostly because it is a truly terrible and inefficient mode of transport!! Never mind, blue sky is chinking out astern of us, we are firing towards our destination at 6kts and tomorrow I will have forgotten all my terrible thoughts and will be drifting on a beautiful ocean again… Lulled into a sense of optimism about the voyage ahead but knowing deep down the ocean will get us again!! Its the same emotional roller coaster you go through as a Spurs fan so at least I came to this way of life prepared!!