07:49.419'S 100:59.160'W Another Friday in the Pacific!

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Fri 14 Apr 2023 23:48

Day 24

My prediction that I wouldn't post yesterday's blog before another squall came through was correct. However the winds stayed pretty consistent and in the right direction and we made decent miles through the evening and overnight.

My appetite returned last night and we had the last of the Mahi Mahi oven-baked. It was every bit as delicious; possibly more so, than the pan-fried cuts we'd had two nights previous.

Before bedtime we made sure both sails were well reefed down and once again we both slept below decks with Jamie making his customary checks through the night.

This morning we awoke to a slightly more comfortable motion. The wind having moved round from the beam more to our stern. There is still enough motion to keep us well on our toes and we spend as much time mopping up hot drinks as we spend making them but just a slight easing from the past few days is enough to make a huge difference.

At midday the grey finally cleared and the sun came out. After spending the last 2 days below decks we emerged like moles out of our hole into the outside world and blinked around at the blue sky lined with fluffy white clouds and the rolling blue ocean slapping around us. It has been a wonderful feeling to be sitting up in the cockpit again with the warm breeze blowing in our faces and the gentle creeking as our full sails pull on their lines.

Jamie has been preparing the dough for another loaf of fresh bread and has even made himself some home made baked beans for breakfast tomorrow! I have been reading up on the Marquesa islands in our book “Landfalls of paradise” where we plan to make landfall. It looks very beautiful from the pictures in the book. Although to be honest anywhere will probably look beautiful after 6 weeks at sea but it really does look quite spectacular; certainly what I imagine a "paradise landfall" to look like!!

The sea state is still very similar to what I described in yesterday's blog; although perhaps not quite so steep and as the water is deep blue and dappled with sunlight it looks much less menacing and turgid than yesterday. Every now and then two waves meet each other at Hamble Warrior traveling in opposing directions. The result is what Jamie has named "the bomb" whereby we heal right over to the power of one wave only to be slapped right back again by the other with an accompanying boom that has Meep’s eyes wide open every time! This seems to happen most frequently when we have just made a cuppa! We also get the occasional "hull slapper" which sprays straight over the gunwhales and across the cockpit. I am currently sitting on the windward side of the cockpit writing up my blog on my phone; having just had a lovely fresh-water wash and scrub-up with a fresh cup of coffee. I couldn't be more inviting to a bomb and hull-slapper assault if I tried!!!!!

So Friday night is looming and whilst you lucky buggers are no doubt skipping back from the pub or finishing up your last enormous glass of wine of the evening we are getting excited about the prospect of cracking open a bottle of Sprite that has been chilling in the fridge all day and playing out a particularly spicy "Yahtzee" rubber.

We are definitely not complaining though; the miles are ticking down nicely and our 5pm to 5pm daily run is a rather satisfying 
140nm. If you look at our position on the map now you can see we are starting to make some serious progress towards the Marquesas at last.

Meep doesn't know it yet but he has a Tupperware full of flying fish in the fridge; gathered from the decks this morning, so he has a good night ahead of him.

Hoping you have all had a fun Friday night and wishing you a relaxing weekend whatever your plans are.