05:08.173'S 91:00.858'W Happy Easter!

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Tue 11 Apr 2023 00:02

Day 19


We are posting the blog early today so we can send emails home to family, so very little to report. Last night started with a squall but the sky soon cleared and we had a quiet night gently sailing toward our destination. We woke this morning to a fine day and prepared ourselves a continental platter with freshly baked bread as a little Easter treat. Captain is contemplating lifting a spinnaker but its right on the cusp and he is full of breakfast!! We have moved south of latitude 5 south, hoping to get below 6 south tomorrow then we can start banging off some miles to Polynesia!


Having finally reached longitude 90 West and realised the sun is rising very late we have put our clocks back one hour. If the winds blow consistently we will be going one hour further back now every seven days or so, we will keep you updated as it happens though!!


We hope everyone who is following us or taking an interest in our trip a very Happy Easter whatever you are up to. We hear the weather is improving so hopefully there will be charcoal smoke and burnt meat filling the air up and down the gardens of the UK!


Best Easter wishes

Jamie, Magpie and Meep