Crew cuts 15:47:72N 39:09:15W

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Thu 13 Jan 2022 18:58

Another calm day; we wrapped away the headsail first thing and launched the Spinnaker. The winds have been very light at F2/F3; 6-8kts for much of the day, occasionally a little more. We have had frustrating periods where we struggled to get the spinnaker to hold enough air to pull us along at - frequently - little over 2kts. At 2pm we calculated our daily run at a meagre 73.8nm but the forecast is still to get more wind from early next week so as long as we keep pointing in the right direction and making some way then we will get there eventually!


It's really comfortable onboard when it's like this; at times it feels like being at anchor (other than all we can see is ocean in every direction!) We are experiencing the really long ocean swell that we expected to see out here and its so long that it lifts us and places us gently back down so gradually that we barely notice it! I'd take this all day long over the towering waves that rushed at our stern during the earlier part of this trip and on our passage from Gibraltar.


Last night as I lay in my bunk it felt like I was sleeping on a water bed. It was the strangest sensation; like the bed immediately beneath me was gently rocking but not my surroundings. It's not a motion I can recall experiencing on Hamble Warrior before but it was rather pleasant and I slept like a baby!


When I went to take over my watch from Jamie the sky was clear of any cloud and every single star in the galaxy must have been shining; it was stunning. There was just enough breeze to keep us ghosting along and the only sound was just the gentlest lapping of the occasional wavelet. It was very magical. Although, the sacrifice for my magical calm night was that we only covered 20nm between midnight and 8am hence Captain bursting into the cockpit and booting me off of my lovely comfy spot on the spinnaker bag first thing this morning.


Today was shower and haircut day. Jamie has decided; for now, to keep his beard but with his smart new haircut it looks more like a life choice and less like neglect! Infact I like it, I think it really suits him.


So after we had each given the other a haircut; we had a saltwater wash with buckets of sea water and finished off with a fresh water spray off using our little pressurised spray bottle.


Feeling refreshed after our ablutions we had a lovely lunch of leftover shepherds pie, leftover coleslaw and a few stuffed vineleaves. Jamie baked bread last night and we had freshly baked rolls with our dinner and a freshly baked loaf for breakfast which was delicious too! One thing that is a real pleasure when the conditions are like this is that we can really enjoy cooking rather than lurching about to knock up something as quickly as possible! I honestly could keep drifting along like this forever but I suspect the winds next week will get us moving again and perhaps we will go back to lurching and rolling for the last leg. So I am enjoying it while I can!


I am sitting under the shade of the throw we peg up to use as a cockpit cover and listening to the tinkling of the water as we drift along while Jamie snoozes next to me and Meep snoozes in his hammock down below and it is just dreamy!