Last days of Martinique 14:44:27N 61:10:72W

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Tue 22 Feb 2022 22:21

1st - 9th Feb

When Jamie pointed out today that we had been in the Caribbean for a month now it made me realise how long it had been since I'd updated our blog! 3 weeks infact!

We have visited so many places in those weeks that I have had to get out our log book to try and help me retrace our steps.

We had 10 more days on Martinique where we sailed between beautiful anchorages along the western coast; Anse a l'ane, Anse Mitan, Plage de Case Navire and finally St Pierre in the north of the island where we stayed 3 nights with the incredible back-drop of the stunning Mt Pele rising up on one side of us and the statue of the Virgin Mary high up on the hilltop watching over us from the other end of the anchorage.

We really enjoyed our stay in St Pierre. Much as we had loved the stop-offs along the way they had very much been little holiday spots with beach bars and a bit of a resort vibe… which we had enjoyed very much but St Pierre was a working town which had a pretty cool ambience of its own. Everyone was really friendly and we found a little local's bar opposite a fascinating looking building (likely a town hall) where we were well looked after by "Joel" and greeted by each of his customers as they arrived and left.

Over these couple of days we explored the small town and re-provisioned from the 2 excellent supermarkets and the fresh produce market conveniently located at the head of the pier where we bought some fabulous fruit and vegetables for the next part of our trip.

The peak of Mt Pele was shrouded in mist for much of the time we were there and we saw quite a bit of rain over these few days which we feel justifies our decision not to hike up the mountain but more importantly I think we were getting some good excercise lugging groceries around in our backpacks (almost certainly negated by the fact much of the weight was from bottles of wine we found at a price we couldn't resist!)

On the 9th of Feb we lifted our anchor and had our sails set by half past 6 in the morning to begin our trip north along the western coast of Dominica and towards the islands of 'Les Saintes" off Guadaloupe.


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