Anchor down in Martinique!!! 14:27:70N 60:52:40W

Hamble Warrior
Jamie Hickman
Mon 24 Jan 2022 19:50

22nd January 2022


At 1650hrs (HWT) on 22.01.22 after 2,811 nautical miles (3,235 miles) and 21 days +3hrs at sea we dropped anchor off Le Marin in Martinique.


We had a very lively and squally approach to the island; a lot of rain and very strong winds as we rounded the bottom of the island as we had been warned.


We turned on our engine for the first time since we departed Tenerife 22 days ago as we entered the "cul du sac Marin". We'd run the engine for about the first hour of our trip to help us get away from Los Christianos so in total the amount of fuel we have used to cross the Atlantic probably amounts to less than the cost of a pint! Who was it that said sailing is "the most expensive way to get somewhere for free"??!!!!


The view as we approached was breathtaking. So green and luscious. Vibrant peaks, palm trees, beaches and bays... We dropped our anchor within a one mile row of the offices where we would need to go to check in the following day.


Time to relax!! Meep made a thorough inspection of the deck and found at least 4 flying fish we had missed when we cleared them away each day. He was rooting them out from under deck gear and I was throwing them overboard but he did manage to find one and feast on it while I had my back turned! I guess he has earned that!



Apologies that it has taken so long to post our arrival blog! We got a little carried away celebrating! We will write an update of our first few days in Martinique shortly but it has been wonderful so far. We will also upload some photos from the crossing and of Martinique once we are able to access some data or Wi-Fi